Friday, December 9, 2016

Review: Ninja Smasher

Ninja Smasher
Developer/Publisher: Q-Cumber Factory

Editor'sNote: This is a Review solely based on the Steam/PC version.

It's sad when a good game doesn't get a good port. Ninja Smasher is a 3DS game that was recently released on Steam/PC. It's got everything you would want in a cute game like this, Metroidvania elements, adorable graphics, simple controls, and tons of replay value. I can easily say I fell in love with this game the moment I loaded it up. I played gleefully for an hour or so but then hit a massive snag.

The game crashes, over and over.

The way the game works is that you collect powers/upgrades to your ninja gear that allows you to progress farther into the game to save your Ninja Lady. Areas are adorably designed in glorious 8-bit style. Action is fast and you can bounce off one enemy to the next in rapid succession never even touching the ground!

Throw in powers like ninja flames, wall grapple and you have my attention. You can see why this game was successful on the 3DS.

The one area the game crashes in is a dungeon that you need to progress through to get a power and get deeper into the game. So without any way of passing this dungeon, its game over for me. To be fair I am not the only one experiencing this bug either. Users on the Steam forums have left messages with no response.

The dungeon I am stuck in forever...

I got the same results when directly contacting the developer. No response to the issue. Now honestly this is something so stupidly easy to fix that one patch would let me finish this amazing game. Thus far it's been six days and no dice. So I solely recommend getting this title either on the 3DS or perhaps even on mobile. I can't comment on the port to mobile though.(If it works)

I may revisit this game in the future if the developer does fix it but as it stands. This is a bad port and it makes me sad.

UPDATE: Developer Q-Cumber Factory did in fact contact me after the posting of the review and has told me they plan to fix it ASAP. Hooray! Maybe we will get to see a re-visit of this title in the future!

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