Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hey There!

Let me start by saying. If your reading this. Thank you!
It means your freaking awesome. Also it means like me, you love Indie Games!

So I suppose a little introduction is in order. My name is Jorge Sobrino.
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Home of casinos and giant margaritas.
When I was young my brother introduced me to the wide world of gaming. Well, it wasn't so wide back then. I played Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo. Needless to say, I loved it.
I have always been a geek, roleplaying, gaming, comics, I have lived and breathed this stuff for all my life. Sadly, no radioactive spiders or genetic mutation ever occurred. So I am basically your ordinary geek.

However in August 2013, I got this crazy idea after watching one of my favorite YouTubers, Northernlion. I wanted to start a YouTube channel. After doing months of research and basically making a total fool of myself to my family. I launched a Let's play channel under the name MartyrA2J. Speaking of which. No one has ever asked what the A2J part means. That is an old tag thing from AOL that is has just stuck around.
Anyways,  Let's plays were fun! Fresh! It was entertaining to make videos and be goofy. It took gaming to whole other level for me. One of which I still very much appreciate and am happy to have done, even if I stop tomorrow.

Eventually, I got another crazy idea. I should check out Indie Games. I had seen Let's Look At or WTF is and such. I noticed there wasn't much coverage for the little guys. Sometimes one would get a break and get highlighted but some really awesome gems were slipping through the cracks. So Indie Game of the Week became a weekly video on my channel. Eventually that grew in popularity and became my number one video over and over. So IndieView was born. It was a way to showcase games and give everybody the spotlight on my channel, rather the game be in Early Access or newly released. Then that opened the floodgates. I met so many great developers and publishers, some who I like to think are my friends.

I got to see peoples ideas, visions, and dreams. It's the most amazing thing I had ever had the pleasure of partaking in. Indie Games became a passion of mine. Finding the games that had true artistic expression, new innovative ideas, just plain fun gameplay. Now skip forward and it's 2015. I have a subscriber base of 600 and growing. I work with Indie Developers/Publishers on a constant basis. Bringing awesome people like you, games you may have never heard about.

So what is the point of this blog? Well, I have a wonderful family and a job, all things that require my time and attention. YouTube is a demanding hobby at times and it doesn't exactly pay.(Yet.) So as I built up more contacts and made myself known to the Indie Dev community. More games then I could handle started coming in. Games that while very interesting, I simply don't have time to make a video about them, atleast not in a timely fashion that I think they deserve. Either I couldn't make the release date or simply lacked time to review it. Sometimes other games I wanted to play more were ahead of these developers who asked me to play their game. I wanted to play their game but simply didn't have the time to make a video about them.

So I am proud to introduce to you IndiEvaluation. Here I will share and talk about Indie Games that don't make it to IndieView on my YouTube channel. I will review and share with you what I think about the games. This way everybody wins. You the reader get to hear about even more cool Indie games. The developers get their content seen in some form or manner. I get to maintain my YouTube channel and not stress out about missing a release date or getting to a game in a timely fashion. 

Its going to be freaking awesome. So to wrap up, what you can expect from this blog is awesome Indie game reviews and occasionally maybe a personal note from myself. Don't worry I will keep those personal notes to a minimum. Now just to let you know if your still reading this, I have quite the backlog. I will be starting a few months back. As I catch up on my list, more recent games will appear on this blog. Just might take me a  few weeks to catch up.

So again, thank you for reading this.
I hope you enjoy my ramblings about games and maybe, just maybe, find a really cool Indie Game that you will remember forever.

 TL;DR: I will write reviews about Indie games cause my review list is getting too long! This way everyone wins!

Oh by the way. This is me. Nice to meet you!

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