Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fly in the House

Developer: Mykhail Konokh
Publisher: Kiss Ltd
Steam: Fly in the House

Boy oh boy. What a way to start off IndiEvaluations.

Just one thing to note. I as a reviewer. Have never been a fan of calling something utter crap. If you watch my YouTube channel you already know this about me. I think everyone has a dream or vision. Whatever you want to call it. Who am I to say that it is utter crap. I don't know how to program a game nor go about any means of marketing it. My stand point comes completely from that of a consumer. Nonetheless though I can see where something works and something doesn't. So I will be fair but try to keep a positive attitude. You can expect me to point out problems or what I believe to be mistakes. With that in mind. 

Fly in the House is what I like to call a chaos game. The basic idea is that there is a fly, wait for it, in the house. You must smash it by any and all means necessary. How? By apparently taking it out on IKEA furniture. You will fling chairs, TV's, tables, you name it. You throw it. Along with the basic gameplay there is some other game modes thrown into the mix. From using only a flashlight to find your prey. To Fast destruction mode.

Sounds fun enough right? For the most part. Sure. Given its price tag of $9.99 though I have some issues. I can accept the games simple nature. However Fly in the house is a one trick pony. After you seen the trick, you either laugh or don't. That's it. The end of show. Throwing furniture around a house at a glowing ball of fly can only be spun so many ways before the concept becomes repetitive. This is mostly due to the way the game progresses. Which is through repeating the levels over and over again. Every level has a set of goals or things that must be done to get to the next level. Some of them are easy and some of them can get slightly annoying. What this ends up becoming is repeating content. This isn't how you keep me excited about a game. The same environments no matter how loaded with little secrets becomes dull.

So why not skip the level? You can't. You have to play that level until the next one is unlocked. To be quite honest, I never even made it past the first level. There is so many silly requirements. I got tired of seeing the same level over and over. Speaking of the level. The graphics are actually not that bad.

It looks pleasant enough to the eye. Also just about everything is smash-able. Which is entertaining. The first time. Plates shatter, statues crunch, and even the roof can come in. Which the fly can escape through much to my chagrin. Everything feels like it has the weight of the object. Followed by the usual crashing noise of that object being thrown out a window or bursting into flames. As far other details go like story, soundtrack. They aren't really a prominent aspect in the game. Its all about that stupid fly.

Controlling the game is weird subject. At one point the cursor would move through objects you could pick up. Making it impossible to tell where that cursor was. This was patched out thank god and made the game a little bit more friendly to picking things up. However strange things like objects flying out of your hands cause you turn the camera too fast. Do and will occur still. I don't know if this was done on purpose or a design flaw.

Another issue with the game was the lack of options. Now I am not a graphics Nazi or anything like that. Some options would've been nice though. You got mouse sensitivity and anisotropic filtering. No rebindable keys, no resolution control. It is what it is. Then again, should I have been really expecting that much? Probably not.

To its credit. I think Fly in the House is a family friendly game. Just about anybody can pick up and play this game and get a basic idea of what to do. If all the levels were unlocked from go. I think I would've had a much more pleasant time completing all the hidden goals, exploring, and smashing all the levels. Sadly this isn't the case.

Also they dropped the ball on something that could've added a really neat element to this type of game. Mutliplayer. Split screen local co-op could've added a layer of complexity and fun to the simple nature of the game. Smashing things alone is fun. Smashing things with friends? Way more fun. Adding a strange death match mode where one has to protect their fly and kill their enemies. Could add some much needed fresh ideas and change of pace. While still using everything in the game. Also give this game some replayability that isn't demanded and shoved down your throat.

I know my criticism sounds a bit harsh. I did enjoy the idea of the game. I think with a little bit more tinkering and way more content. This could've been a great game. In its current state though. It simply is lacking.

To wrap up the point in fly paper and move along. I would only recommend this game if you really, really know what your buying. Aside from reading this review. Go watch a video of someone playing it. If you think you will enjoy that first level. Replaying it for atleast a good hour. Now after all that and you're still sure you want the game. Wait for a sale. Now go ahead and buy the game. Why? Simply because there is already some amazing games in the $5 to $10 range. That probably will give you a bit more then Fly in the House does.

  • Easy to Pick up and Play.
  • Family Friendly
  • Plenty of chaos.
  • Finding hidden objects interaction. 
  • Forced Replay.
  • Limited Content.
  • No Multiplayer.
  • One trick pony.

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