Monday, September 19, 2016

Review: Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
Developer: Iron Lore Entertainment , THQ Nordic
Publisher: THQ Nordic

I feel like I should start by saying two things. One, is that I have never played Titan Quest before nor seen screenshots or anything really; I came at this completely blind. Two, I feel a great sense of nostalgia when playing this game, it all seems so familiar and fits like a glove.

Nostalgia is a very powerful thing and has lead Hollywood, toy makers, and fashion to push as much stuff from our childhood into our faces as humanly possible. Some people don't mind this and some people feel this gets in the way of new ideas. I am not here to discuss that. Titan Quest for all intents and purposes is very much a love letter to ARPG's(Action Roleplaying Games) and Diablo 2. It accomplishes this very well, with the pedigree and design of a triple A studio.

The facets, buttons, and widgets are all there that you would want from an ARPG. You have nine skill trees to choose from, that you can mix and match, allowing you to create a unique character of your own design. Random loot, deep item customization with relics, and more, minimalist UI and very simple and easy to enjoy experience. You kill stuff, collect loot, kill bigger, badder stuff and get bigger, badder loot. Whats not to love?  For a game that came out in 2007, its really hard for me to knock it in anyway really.

Only thing is that I feel like I have been down this path before. The game doesn't really bring all that much to table other than what you know and love already. This game feels like it came from 2007, and that isn't a bad thing, but it shows wrinkles. There are some modern conveniences thrown in there like Steam workshop integration and community features such as online play. While these are all well and good, aside from the mod support we had this back in 2000. Now I don't want you to get the impression I didn't like Titan Quest. Its a very enjoyable game, with deep customization of builds, item builds, and a unique theme that changes from act to act.

I would have loved to seen some innovation, however this isn't the purpose of the anniversary edition. For an anniversary edition it is completely worth it to old fans(seeing how its free for previous owners) and new fans alike. The game is combined with its DLC and many improvements have been made. What improvements those are is hard for me to tell, given as this was my first foray into the series. If you are looking for an ARPG to eat up the next hundred hours of your life, look no further then Titan Quest.

There really isn't all that much I can point out as a negative. More like small annoyances. Graphically the game is a Monet, when the camera is zoomed out it doesn't look that bad but as soon as you roll the mouse-wheel up and go in closer you can see the date of the game. I have seen far worse though and it is a very minor gripe.There was also some hanging and frame drops during portaling from area to area. Nothing big.

So to sum up, it all really depends on where you land as far as the nostalgia argument goes. If you don't care about playing something familiar, comfortable, and easy to enjoy, Titan Quest is an amazing title for you. If you are looking for ground breaking innovation from a game that came out in 2007, you might feel a little silly and regret your purchase. 

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