Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dear Sony

 Dear Sony,

You don't know me but your consumers do. You've never seen me but you may have heard my voice.  If consoles were a war, I would be your front line of defense. The foot soldier whose name no CEO or anyone on a board will ever mention. I am and will formerly be one of your Technical support reps that you hired through Sitel. While my check is signed by Sitel employees. It's you who decides how much I get paid, what I can and cannot do and now recently, if I am expendable.

The reason I am writing this letter today as more of a catharsis. I wanted to lament and also thank you for my job. You see come August 15th. My department will come to an end.  You have decided to move along and find the bigger better deal. "It's business, nothing personal" as a famous mobster once said. While this is absolutely your right and probably a smart move on some financial chart. I cannot lie and say that I am not disappointed. You see, I liked my job. I was good at my job. I worked in kitchens for 10 years but always dreamed of working for Sony or in the gaming industry as a whole. You, through Sitel made that dream possible.

While others viewed my job as grunt work, thankless and tedious. I was proud of what I did. I helped people, I really did. I followed all guidelines, policies and procedures but you left room for me to actually help people and make their day better. Sure, every once in a while you couldn't make everyone happy but I had a damn great track record. I made sure at the least if they weren't happy they understood where or when things went wrong . This satisfied some and even I managed to turn some frowns upside down on occasion. (Forgive me for the cheesy phrase)  People always asked me whats the secret? Patience I would say, and listening. That is all it took.

I hope you can listen to my tiny voice when I say thank you. You provided me with something up until a year ago I never had. A job I actually liked and was proud to go to. One day it was a teenager who profusely thanked me for fixing his Playstation. Help a scared mother who I assured we as company would never take her money and run. Help a young video enthusiast discover a neat new feature on one of your Playstation's. I believed we/you wanted to help people have fun and distract them from the struggles of their lives. I made that possible. Even if in a minuscule way. One would be surprised how much a friendly voice on the other end of the line can make someones day better.

So now, like a sad break up. It's over. Come August 15th, we are going our separate ways. Don't worry about me, I will move along and be fine. I just wanted to let you know for my sake and maybe even the consumers whom I helped sake, don't lose sight of what matters. You provide something the world desperately needs, a respite from the worlds troubles. Just remember to be patient and last but certainly not least, don't forget to listen.

Your Tier 1 Agent,
Jorge Sobrino.

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